We’ve heard you! Smaller Ordering for Sampling!

When we decided to pursue this online venture with Robinwood Mill, we knew we wanted to give our customers the ability to get the very best possible prices and the best value for money. To do this we knew it would involve our customers committing to buy in bulk. However with the complexities of shipping such large items and quantities our only options for shipping are palletised deliveries. We know that when you are placing a first order this can increase our price point to something which might begin to make a new customer feel uncomfortable.

To address this we are please to announce that we have facilitated an option to allow us to ship smaller orders of 1-5 bags with a much lower shipping cost, but a slightly higher per bag price. We are so confident that our feeds will live up to your expectation that we want to allow you to test our feeds, on a much smaller scale. Making the boundary to a bulk purchase much easier on you, the customer.

Initially we are rolling these options out for a select few of our poultry feeds, but if demand becomes high enough we will roll this option out across our full ranges of feeds. So if there is something you want to try, but don’t quite want to commit to a pallet order, send us a message and we will let you know a cost for a delivery of 1-5 bags.

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